Time To Hit the Breaks on Sound Transit


Sound Transit has just had a $850,000+ party to open the terminal at the UW.  Really?  The state couldn’t use that ‘party money’ on higher priority initiative?  Sound Transit has their priorities in the wrong places.  They are definitely more interested in providing kick-backs to their corny friends and political supporters.  Let’s change this in November.



Dear Friends,


I feel obligated to let my supporters know, due to a recent change in family circumstances, I’m encouraging SeaTac voters to cast their ballots for my opponent Fuzz Hill. Since filing to run for office I’ve become acquainted with Fuzz Hill and I know he will do a good job on the City Council. Please rest assured if I was running against an opponent who was wrong for SeaTac I would have found some way to execute an aggressive campaign anyway.   I’m still serving on the SeaTac Planning Commission, so I’m still involved to a level which is currently manageable.  Once circumstances change I’d consider running for City Council in the future.


Thank you for your support and for your confidence in me as a candidate.



Pam Pollock